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If you're building your custom home from the ground up, then we are here to help smooth out the process! There is a laundry list of details that go into the build process of the home, and planning them out in advance not only helps ease the process, but also ensures that the entire picture comes together in an elevated and more cohesive manner in the end. That's what we do - plan out every detail alongside your architect to ensure that everything is prepped and ready to go for your contractor. From that point, we are on management duty, making sure that your custom home goes up the way it's planned to. 

The Design Timeline...




Project Start

Project End

Project planning and architectural confirmation/finalization. This is where we plan your full structural design palette and collaborate with the architect to make sure your plans are prepared with the full design details in mind. 

Project implementation. During this phase, we will work hand in hand with the contractor to ensure that your design details are coming to life the way they were intended to. 

Furniture Planning. Once the home palette is selected, we get to work planning and selecting the home's furniture, artwork, and decor. This way we can marry the home's structural details with the furniture plans. 

Project completion. The final step is to pull the selected furniture, artwork, and decor in in the beautiful fashion that it was intended!



Courtney at GOAT has been a dream to work with for all our design needs on our new house. She has been patient and has taken the time to get to know me and my style to help me make great design choices from the exterior to all my interior details. She is very knowledgeable and has been able to answer all my questions with ease. If your looking for a great designer, don’t hesitate, you will be in great hands!!!


GOAT Interiors was wonderful to work with. I appreciated that I always felt listened to and validated in my choices and/or concerns. They kept me on track with what needed to be done and always made sure our deadlines were met. I am one who sometimes has a hard time making decisions and their patience was so appreciated! I never felt rushed or pushed. They have a vast knowledge of different products which resulted in my home being unique and fun. Ultimately my house turned out beautiful thanks to their great design skills. I would recommend them highly to anyone needing any level of assistance whether building residential or commercial as well as just a décor refresh. GOAT Interiors was the perfect choice!


Working with GOAT has been a great experience. We work with GOAT on a regular basis and when we need answers we get them quickly and efficiently so we are able to keep projects going. End results are great. Highly recommended.



Wherever you are at with your project, the first step to beginning your design journey is to have an initial consultation meeting. This is where we'll get to know you, your style, and your house goals in order to determine the project needs. Once we've met to gain an understanding of your style, we will create a visual planner for your project in the form of 'Mood Boards'. 


After the concepts have been agreed upon, we get to work! This is where we begin a series of tasks, including drafting detailed drawings, elevations, and renderings, selecting and sourcing all things cabinetry, flooring, lighting, plumbing, hardware, and more! Anything that the project needs in order to achieve  your desired goals, we will plan for at this stage. The details and notes will all be compiled in a document to keep every involved party aware and informed. 


This is where the designs start to come to life! After finalizing all of the plans with you, we will provide full communication with the contractors and subcontractors involved in the project. This includes site visits as the construction is progressing along to ensure that the work is being done as desired. 


As the construction is coming to life, we will place orders on any and all furniture and decor pieces selected. We will work with our trade partners to ensure that you receive the quality products desired. Once they've been received, we will be there to provide a smooth installation process to really see the work come to life! 


Even after all of the waiting and anticipation, we will be there until to ensure that every detail is in its perfect place! We'll style, photograph, and prep your space for the big reveal!



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